Middle Stoke gets full planning permission - January 2018

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Planning consent has been granted for our design of this new building in Limpley Stoke. This proposal is for a replacement of a 1960s house on the North facing slope of the Limpley Stoke Valley to the South of Bath.  The existing house was constructed very close to the edge of a very steep drop, and has suffered structural failure due to unstable ground conditions.

The proposed replacement has to be located further back from the edge of the site, but, not wishing to lose the spectacular views out over the valley the upper storey is cantilevered out from the ground floor structure, reaching out towards the view and the light.  As a North facing site, careful consideration was given to the orientation and location of the building on the site, enabling sunlight to penetrate every room of the plan, and also to reach different parts of the garden at different times of day.

The cantilevered upper storey had to be a lightweight structure, and is proposed as a steel frame clad in a lightweight flat aluminium panel. The fuzzy polish on the panels will softly reflect the surrounding context and will to some extent de-materialise the building, so that the edges are almost lost in the sky.

Landscape Architects: B:D Landscape Design
Structural Engineer: Format Engineering

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