The Beacon submitted for planning permission - October 2017

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This proposal is for the replacement of an undistinguished 1930s house in a very special site, perched on the brow of a steep wooded ridge overlooking the City Bath.  The existing house peers southwards through a veil of mature trees, over the city and on to the opposite side of the Avon Valley. The house appears as a small dormer bungalow on the north (public) side at the end of Richmond Green, but becomes a three storey house from the South side due to the very steeply sloping site.   As a standalone building on the South side of the street, the site is more woodland than street, and the language of the house seeks to respond to that woodland edge situation.

The proposed house seeks to take full advantage of the remarkable site.  It will occupy the same footprint of the existing house, cantilevering the bottom floor out on a pair of steel piloti.  The roof of the bottom floor forms a generous balcony for the main living floor above, and the top floor in turn sails out over that, providing some shade and protection to the glazed elevation.

The forms are a series of interlocking rectangles, rotating away from the base to make a dynamic composition which celebrates the potential of the site. The materials respond to the street on one side – ashlar Bath Stone on a bath stone rubble base – and to the woodland on the other side, with dark fibre cement boards overclad with vertical timber battens, taking on the verticality and materiality of the surrounding trees.

Structural Engineer: Format Engineering

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