Chew Magna goes in for planning permission - September 2017

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We have recently submitted a planning application for a replacement dwelling in the Greenbelt. The site is in a unique and beautiful setting with two very significant characteristics: It is essentially an island surrounded by water on 3 sides and it is in a flood risk area, currently the site is accessed by a brick bridge.

The proposed layout has a focal point at the Oak tree close to the site entrance. This oak tree has a very important presence on the setting, and is much older than the houses on the site. The house then sweeps around the tree, using a radial grid with its centre point being notionally the centre of the oak’s trunk. Internally, the house is divided by private and more public areas. This division is expressed on the design by separating the volumes related to each areas. Due to the flood risk the house will be raised 800mm from the ground and suspended between masonry walls which come all the way down to the ground. Two main materials are being proposed: Red local limestone for the masonry walls and zinc cladding for the suspended walls.

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