Designscape Summer Party!

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With the great optimism and positive vibe that defines our practice, Designscape Architects prepared on 24th July to celebrate the victory of the vote to remain within the EU… and what better way to celebrate it than organising an EU inspired summer party and BBQ! Each member of our team had to pick a country from the European Union, prepare a typical dish from the chosen country and don the appropriate outfits.

On the morning of the 24th of June, Designscape (and the rest of the UK) woke up to the sad news that the UK would be leaving the EU. But did we let that bring our party down? No we didn’t! our exciting gathering was quickly and subtly rebranded as the Designscape official EU leaving party!

The Designscape team dressed up, dusted off the cookbooks and went all out for a night designed to wreck the boss’s house!

Netherlands, represented by Chris and Karen, could be seen from a distance of 5 miles away and even Kim (the dog) got involved…perhaps not willingly.

Spencer and Caroline, former members of ABBA, flew from Sweden especially for our party, and we were surprised to notice their heads had grown considerably.

Spain (a.k.a Lucy) came accompanied by the Italian mafia (Rob). Spain brought a delicious paella whilst Italy brought a very colourful jacket, a gold chain and slick hairdo. He left the pizza in at home in the freezer.

Ukraine was present too, represented by Rosie and Sam! The moment in which Rosie found out that the clothes Sam was wearing were actually hers was caught on camera, explaining why Rosie was about to throw a rock on Sam’s head. Lesson learnt: do not to mess with pseudo Ukrainian women! (but we do commend Sam’s commitment to fancy dress).

Malta, represented by James, was sweeping the floor when Cyprus, also known as Andreas (who happens to be from Cyprus), came to give him a plate… that didn’t make sense to us either… but Malta was very happy about it!

Linda Wildy and family came representing the Independent Democratic Republic of Linda Wildy… where it is a tradition to carry their namesake horizontally.

Denmark (Carol) made a contribution to the party with a delicious gluten free chocolate cake as well as vodka jelly shots. Italy was a big fan of Denmark. (Or maybe of the jelly shots?)

 By far the best dressed for the party were Zeus and Hera. Representing Greece. Ollie and Adriana also made the best tzatziki of all times, which they will never do ever again… who knew drying shredded cucumber would take so many hours!

The highlight of the party was the surprise nationality test that Adriana prepared for her fellow British co-workers. The questions for this test were taken from genuine ‘life in the UK’ test that non-EU migrants have to take to qualify for British nationality. Results will not be shared for fear of reprimand by the UK border agency. However, an idea of how it went can be seen from the pleased smile on Adriana’s face.

And Spencer’s face!

 Our (now annual) summer party is a great way for the office to forget, at least for a day, about Vectorworks software crashing or sketch-up not letting you make a window in the living room. It is also a great way for us and our families getting together, to know each other better and to stay united (even though the EU is not).

So same time, same place next year…?

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