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Designscape Architects has recently been involved in the successful Imagine Bath design competition.  Imagine Bath was conceived by Designscape founder and Director Chris Mackenzie, who wanted to add to the debate on the city of Bath’s future by encouraging contributions from a wider cross section of society.  The RIBA really liked the idea and agreed to help Chris and Designscape turn it into a public competition.


The Designscape team developed the competition brief and a plan for how the entries would be presented to the public.  They also obtained sponsorship for the £6,000 prize fund, and sponsored the exhibition.  The RIBA South West office then helped to organise the competition and the exhibition in collaboration with Designscape.

The competition was based on the notion that the city of Bath has been the product of radical innovation, with the Roman, Medieval and Georgian periods all leaving lasting and distinct legacies on the city’s landscape.  The idea of the competition was to imagine what the next phase in Bath’s development might look like.  The team wanted to put the ideas arising from the competition in front of the city’s elected decision makers and into the public arena.

Entries printed ready for the private awards and public exhibition

The competition was launched in December 2014 with the deadline in early February 2015. The University of Bath also used the brief for the competition in their first mid-year vertical studio.  Students from each of the first 3 years of the architectural design course were put into small groups and asked to develop their ideas for Bath’s future.

Over 90 entries were received, making the competition one of the year’s most popular RIBA events. Following the judging the winners were announced on the 19th March at an award night.  

The awards evening in the hidden vaults!

The vaults and colonnade beneath Grand Parade in the centre of Bath were the venues for the award night and exhibition respectively.  These events provided a unique opportunity to experience a seldom seen part of the city before the site is developed. 

Commended projects and winners were presented with awards by RIBA VP Anthony Clerici
Commended and winning schemes came from students, local residents, designers and architects.
Competition winner Rob Delius

The winning entry!
Following the awards evening the public exhibition ran from 20th-22nd March showcasing all of the entries.  The exhibition was free to enter and was visited by over 700 people across the 3 days. 


Designscape Architects and the rest of the team are now looking to the future.  Plans are being made to re-host the exhibition and to continue the debate with the business and political leaders of the city.  A publication of the entries is also to be produced.

Designscape Architects and the rest of the Imagine Bath team would like to thank all those involved in helping make the event a success including our event sponsors. 

Designscape Architects is a design focused practice delivering contemporary building solutions across the south of England, including London.  If you have a project you would like to discuss, please get in touch by emailing us at or phoning us on 01225 858 500.

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